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Mason Alexx is a multi-genre music producer, composer, sound-engineer, musician, and recording artist. Here you'll find Mason's latest releases, works in progress, collaborations, complete music library, and much more! You'll also be able to stay updated on all news, projects, and merch by subscribing to the Newsletter!


Latest Release


Pay Attention

Pay Attention was not written for shits and giggles. The concept behind the track comes from a very serious issue regarding government corruption, yellow journalism, and "brainwashing" via falsified press in America. In addition to this message, Mason Alexx expresses a few of his own beliefs and perspectives on the issue, addressing intellectual deterioration, malicious influences, and conspiracy theories. Pay Attention.

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Works in Progress



OUI and Mason Alexx are collaborating on another project once again! After the release of the "OU1" Mixtape in early December (listen here), the group received phenomenal feedback from their audience. Now, the ambitious group is teaming up with Mason Alexx to produce their next E.P., "Bang".

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Mason Alexx is going back to his roots with "Moonkissed". This album will be comprised of nothing other than original piano arrangements and nature ambiance. Mason's introduction to music was through a small Casio keyboard at the age of one. Despite his long history with the piano (which built the fundamental platform for his music career), he has never released a solo-piano album, until now.

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Love Over Lust, Fame Under Fortune

This upcoming E.P. by Young G both features and was produced by Mason Alexx. Young G is an unsigned and upcoming artist from Deptford, NJ. However, since November, Young G has been building his reputation as a solo Hip Hop artist throughout Philadelphia alongside StillPapi and Young Rich (featured artists).

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